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Timothy Dooner, Director of Marketing, Aborn & CoStephen Aborn, Partner
With data at the center stage of supplier networks, forward-thinking shippers and freight carriers today demand greater accuracy, visibility, and more precise insights to drive an intelligent data-driven supply chain. To this end, Massachusetts-based Aborn & Co. assists operators in the freight and transportation space by blending its 30 years of extensive experience in the industry with best-in-class data management analytics. “We’ve combined traditional freight management fundamentals with data and technology to help companies reduce freight costs, improve carrier service, and bring visibility to their supply chain,” begins Timothy Dooner, director of marketing, Aborn & Co. To add to this, Stephen Aborn, partner at Aborn & Co, says, “This allows us to see things from both perspectives, that of the physical freight and what that means in a digital format.”

Having worked in the trenches of supply chain management, Timothy and Stephen are well versed with the nuanced challenges that inherently plague the freight transportation market. “Lack of visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain, spiking freight spend, fragmentation and data silos pertaining to transportation, and lack of a single source of truth are but a few barriers in the path of a seamless freight management practice,” notes Dooner. As such, as market leader and innovator in the data-driven supply chain management space, Aborn & Co. has brought in an ingenious Advantage Managed Freight Solution suite and “we pride ourselves on offering clients customized and fully tailored managed freight solutions in a boutique environment wherein we work closely with them to effectively reduce the costs associated with transportation,” mentions Aborn.

The SaaS-based tool, Advantage TMS is fully customizable and integrated with both carriers and shippers.

It delivers real-time visibility, freight booking, and load optimization. Clients are provided with unique login credentials to access the tool through iPads and smartphone apps so that they can track the movement of the freight and provide updates to customer service or management teams. On the backend, management-level, fine-tuned cloud-based reports are available on-demand for clients.

“We also look at standard metrics like cost per pound, cost per mile, location-based information and provide benchmarks to help clients see how their freight rates are stacking up in the marketplace.”

Aborn & Co. has introduced scalable and affordable data-driven solutions for complex supply chain operations of any size. The company has recently launched a free Day 01 (www.day01.io) service to provide clients with reports on their data and a roadmap to modernize their supply chain and enter a digital ecosystem. Moreover, a major differentiator for the company is its true managed service; “we are not 3PL or broker and everything we do is direct between the shipper and the carrier partner, which allows us to significantly increase our clients' bottom line,” remarks Aborn.

Underscoring Aborn & Co’s capabilities is its contribution to a manufacturer of consumer goods with major retail partners. The client’s painstakingly complicated manual environment rendered it extremely difficult for the internal teams to update transportation-related information and share it with their trading partners, incurring multiple chargebacks. Aborn & Co. stepped in and assisted the client with its Advantage TMS and benchmarking services, securing API and EDI connections with carriers, warehouses, and retail partners. Consequently, Aborn & Co. drove a 23 percent cost reduction for the client, curtailed chargebacks by 55 percent, and facilitated an ongoing benefit of 4 to 7 percent by shipping optimization through the TMS.

Striding ahead, the company aims to expand its services and continue advancing the modern supply chain. “On October 10th of this year, we’re hosting the first supply chain technology conference to come to Boston. Transtech2020 (www.transtech2020.com) is all about bringing together like-minded individuals with an interest in modern solutions and future-proofing the supply chain,” ends Aborn.

Aborn & Co News

Aborn & Co. Names Jill Clifford as President

Norwell, Mass - Aborn & Co., a leader in managed freight solutions and transportation strategy, announced today that Jill Clifford has been named as President of the company.

Clifford has over 25 years of leadership experience in a variety of high acting roles with Aborn & Co. She has handled nearly every job at the company, including business development, marketing, accounting, and customer relations. Her depth of organizational and industry knowledge along with her proven ability to build high-performance teams will be invaluable to the company's onward growth and success.

"Jill has been a key part of the company for nearly 25 years. She's played a vital role in every aspect of the business, starting with client service, then on to operations, and most recently, sales," said company founder and CEO, Russ Aborn. "Our clients and everyone she's worked with both inside and outside of the company think the world of her. I have always been enormously impressed with her dedication to our company, and most importantly to our clients."

Clifford assumes her new position during a period of accelerated growth for the company, which has doubled its staffing over the past 3 months. Jill was responsible for expanding her own team with the key additions of Director of Operations Chris Peckham and Director of Marketing Timothy Dooner, as the company continues to add strength to its leadership talent. She's also enhanced the organizations account management and data analytics teams with the hiring of Caleb Johnson and Nathan Shnipes.

"I'm excited to accept this role with the company and see nothing but a bright road ahead. Aborn & Co. will continue to build upon a foundation we've laid over the last thirty years," said Clifford. "With transportation rates exceeding record highs and capacity problems impacting service, this year has been one of the most challenging I've seen for shippers in my career. Now, more than ever, there is a need for intelligent and strategic freight managed solutions. I'm confident that we will meet those challenges and offer our current and future clients our best-in-class managed freight solutions."