CALIBRE: Comprehensible Logistics for Business Transformation

Thomas M. Peitler, Executive Vice President & COO, CALIBREThomas M. Peitler, Executive Vice President & COO
The logistics industry has boarded the train of innovation to become an information intensive service. The best road to advancement is to leverage data for actionable business insights. However, in today’s big data environment, a surplus of siloed data impedes businesses and organizations from performing an integrated analysis of valuable data, making data analysis difficult. The issue arises from an inability to tie in all the gathered data and convert that into comprehensible information. As a leading provider of management consulting and digital transformation solutions, Virginia-based CALIBRE Systems helps its government and business clients overcome the challenge of integrating data from multiple systems with their wide range of solutions for the logistics arena. “We cobble data together from hundreds of data sources drawing a better picture for our clients to understand the information faster,” says Thomas M. Peitler, EVP & COO of CALIBRE. Clients across the globe can have swift “click speed” access to actionable logistics data and review that from a single pane of glass.

CALIBRE drives innovation by revamping old processes and ushering in new technologies to quicken their clients’ decision-making process by helping them better understand their data. The company’s management consulting and logistics background, backed by strong partnerships with business intelligence leaders like Qlik, Splunk, and Pentaho, enables CALIBRE to lead its clients through a digital transformation journey.

A highlight of CALIBRE’s solutions in the data analytics space is its trademark platform CALIBRE IQ, a modular software package that equips clients with best-in-class solutions that integrate, analyze, and visualize information.

We can tailor CALIBRE IQ to the mission and needs of our client, instead of a single out-of-the-box solution

“We tailor CALIBRE IQ to the mission and needs of our client, instead of a single out-of-the-box solution,” says Peitler. On the other hand, if the client has already implemented a product, the company can incorporate further enhancements into their existing solution stack, saving them from reinvesting in a newly customized product.

CALIBRE assists in transforming a business or government agency by gathering an understanding of the logistics of the organization and using lean processes to streamline supply chains. The company’s Six Sigma Master Black Belts lead organizations through the reshaping of their business. To better support their clients, CALIBRE extends training services when clients want to use the system on their own, enabling them to garner data insights without third-party analysts running it for them.

CALIBRE’s foremost corporate objective is to drive their clients’ success. CALIBRE does so by embracing their clients’ missions and providing all-round support. Their motto, “Our Success Follows Yours,” transcends from their employees to the success of clients, which leads to the success of the company. CALIBRE retains a strong and unique relationship with its government clients making it easier for them to understand their clients’ challenges. What further sets CALIBRE apart from its peers is the fact that CALIBRE is a 100 percent employee-owned company.

The future looks promising as CALIBRE looks to bring innovative management consulting and digital transformation solutions to help its clients gain better insights into their business operations. Over the last decade and a half, the company has made a total of eight acquisitions, with more planned to bolster their capabilities and better serve their clients.


CALIBRE Selected to Facilitate Role Player Training at Fort Irwin’s National Training Center (NTC)

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FREMONT, CA: The incorporation of data has enabled the logistics sector to reach new capabilities. CALIBRE Systems has blazed the trail in facilitating employee-owned management consulting and digital transformation for the government sector as well as different industries. CALIBRE, along with subcontractor Lexicon, recently won the NTC’s Fort Irwin Role Players contract.
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