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Poornima Kaddi, Co-Founder and CEO, S3 Group, Inc.Poornima Kaddi, Co-Founder and CEO
Much like in other areas of business operations like marketing and manufacturing, data analytics has obvious implications in supply chain management. The modern-day supply chain largely depends on advanced real-time analytics to help executives make informed decisions from the surging unstructured data. “In the supply chain analytics world, the key advantage is the speed to market,” begins Ravi Kukkamalla, Partner and Head of Business Intelligence/Analytics Practice at S3 Group, Inc. emphasizing the importance of making prompt decisions while expeditiously acting on the available data and reacting to the changing market conditions. As such, S3 Group, Inc. a premier consulting firm, focuses on creating near real-time solutions and analytics that can help supply chain executives act upon the aggregated data and information instantaneously. “Our strength lies in the rich experience of over two decades in the supply chain space, helping customers design warehouse systems and implement them, while also assisting with Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and carrier interfaces,” adds Poornima Kaddi, Co-Founder and CEO at S3 Group, Inc.

From the technological standpoint, S3 Group, Inc.’s proficiency lies in the realm of data, advanced technologies, and analytical tools like Power BI, Tableau, Cosmos DB, with in-depth knowledge in the areas of data sourcing, data transformation, data profiling, and visualization. To add to this, Kukkamalla remarks that S3 Group, Inc. holds extensive end-to-end expertise in aggregating data—both structured and unstructured—and gleaning meaningful insights to deliver them to decision makers without delay.
The company equips clients with accelerators so that they can efficiently accelerate their speed to market. Besides the US, S3 Group, Inc. also empowers its clients with cost-effective solutions in India and South America. “As the prices of resources are relatively low in India and South America, we are being able to provide our clients with cost-competitive solutions,” Kukkamalla comments. Most importantly, S3 Group, Inc.’s profound knowledge extends beyond just the supply chain to ERP and order management, making it a one-stop-shop solution provider across all the integrated and related applications in the supply chain landscape. “From designing the warehouse systems to delivering user-level training around the warehouse floor, we set ourselves apart by providing end-to-end solutions,” notes Poornima.

What sets S3 Group, Inc. a cut above its industry peers is their software creation team holding comprehensive know-how of the solutions delivered. As such, the company delivers unprecedented value to its customers when it comes to analytics-driven decision making. That is not all; artificial intelligence (AI) is another area S3 Group, Inc. is well versed in. Utilizing AI and predictive modeling, the company performs significant data modeling for clients, informing them about the redundancies that need to be built to reduce the supply chain cost. Reinforcing the company’s value proposition in the market, Poornima emphasizes, “We are supply chain specialists in Manhattan Associates-Warehouse Management System, focusing on design, implementation, and execution of the mission projects.”
Kukkamalla goes on to cite a use case concerning labor management and performance management, describing how S3 Group, Inc. streamlines both the processes. He says, “While previously the process of getting the workforce from the field to the warehouse was rather cumbersome and time-consuming, with S3 Group, Inc.’s implemented analytics, clients can significantly enhance the process by pinpointing the bottlenecks, suggesting methods to mitigate them, and cutting down on time.” Moreover, S3 Group, Inc. makes video copies of the performance of the workers in the process to be able to analyze the information and provide suggestions as to how their productivity can be improved. S3 Group, Inc. has recently collaborated with Softeon as an implementation partner to empower their clients with innovative BI practices and intelligence. The synergy will also bring Softeon’s products to S3 Group, Inc.’s clients.

S3 Group, Inc. envisions focusing on the machine learning and predictive modeling aspects of its solutions along with real-time information analytics, robotics, and IoT to help clients look at the parameters that impact their business.

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S3 Group, Inc.

Duluth, GA

Poornima Kaddi, Co-Founder and CEO

S3 Group is a Premier Consulting firm providing strategic supply chain solutions and services to the Logistics/Supply Chain industry, dedicated to delivering exceptional operational, functional, and technical, supply chain solutions. The company aims to partner with its clients and assist them in meeting today's business challenges. S3's team provides solutions that are fully integrated, enterprise-wide, and cost-effective. The company's consultants are industry seasoned professionals who understand the day to day challenges of effective supply chain management. S3 brings to its clients vertical market industry experience to assist them in realizing their company's full potential