Waste Harmonics: The New Standard for Waste Management

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Michael Hess, Founder & CEO, Waste HarmonicsMichael Hess, Founder & CEO As you make your way inside the office of Waste Harmonics, a customer-centric managed waste service provider, a broad banner on the front walls greets you with three BOLD words—Acknowledge, Respond, Follow Up.“These words define who we are. They are not difficult to do, but the difference that we create is that we do it every day to ensure that the clients trust and believe us,” says Michael Hess, the founder and CEO of Waste Harmonics. Having been actively involved in the solid waste management industry as a senior executive for over 25 years, it is a no brainer that Hess would know what needs to be done in order to provide a comprehensive outsourced waste management consolidation service. “Our operations are wrapped around the relationship that we have with our customers,” he comments. “We always strive to deliver better customer experience, and provide a truly customized approach, with state-of-the-art reporting, advanced waste management analytics, and guaranteed rapid-response service.” The company’s market presence attests to Hess’ mission statement. Today, Waste Harmonics works with corporations from 25 to more than 5,000 locations—including diverse business clients across the U.S. and several Canadian provinces—to deliver proven recycling and sustainability strategies while saving cost, and consolidating invoicing process and communication. The company also leverages compactors that use an applied remote fullness monitoring technology. “As an early adapter of this technology, we have been providing our customers and vendors with portals for visibility into their respective transactions since 2008,” states Hess.

Evolving with Changing Client Needs

According to Hess, IoT devices have been changing the landscape of waste management, but organizational waste though has been a different ball-game. Waste Harmonics has been significantly proactive in assessing this difference and has developed its unique approach accordingly. “For most organizations, managing waste is no longer just about cost savings and maintaining environment-friendly protocols. They seek intelligent data from their managed waste service providers—data they can use to improve reporting capabilities. For example, when a managed service provider deploys a compactor or bailer, customers want to see reporting based on transaction counts, case counts, packages shipped, attendance, or other parameters, to cut waste disposing costs and conserve energy,” he states.

Waste Harmonics’ unique and customized approach provides its clients with improvements in visibility and reporting, rapid-response customer service, and reduction in cost. The company’s granular approach and reporting analytics enable cost savings by eliminating all extraneous charges such as fuel and environmental fees. They also work diligently with its vast vendor portfolio to deliver the most competitive costs across the U.S. and Canada.

With a single analyst, we were able to pull up specific customer information, and present the reporting package back to our clients, in any format they desire

When its customers began demanding more waste management data, Waste Harmonics realized that a basic business intelligence system could not perform extensive reporting functions. “By migrating to the Microsoft BI platform, we built out a data warehouse separate from our ERP, and that gave us the ability to make adjustments in our reports, on the f ly. With a single analyst, we were able to pull up specific customer information and present the reporting package back to our clients, in any format they desire,” explains Hess. The company’s clients can use smartphones to view status of compactors, bailers, and other waste management equipment. Waste Harmonics offers a wide variety of services that include working with different haulers in multiple locations—each with various capabilities and procedures. The clients receive one consolidated monthly invoice for all services at each location. Waste Harmonics also ensures complete waste management compliance at every site for its clients.

A Tech-Enabled Services Company

At the core of this customer-centric company is its proprietary iWaste monitoring technology that goes beyond simple fullness monitoring of waste. Waste Harmonics’ solution comprises remote monitoring of an entire power unit which includes oil temperature, switching controls, safety features, container connections, system operating performance and of course, fullness. As the largest Siemens modem customer in the U.S. and an AT&T machine-to-machine dealer, Waste Harmonics has created one of the largest networks of industrial machines in the U.S. In addition to its iWaste technology, the company has also developed a proprietary cloud-based Vendor Bidding system. This tool allows Waste Harmonics to rapidly post a U.S.- or Canada-based request for proposals (RFPs) to thousands of vendors. The platform ensures that its customers have access to the most competitive results across North America.

Here is a recent example of Waste Harmonics deploying its solution to elevate a client: this national conveyance truckstop organization needed 400 of its 650 locations to be upgraded with compaction and bailing equipment, along with fullness monitoring technology.

Due to the expensive technology, the organization decided to venture into the compactor manufacturer world. “We had to survey each site, arrange for all manufacturers and equipment across 45 states, and five Canadian provinces. We removed the competitor’s equipment and installed ours, and we had done that in 120 days. It was our crowning achievement, and a story we continue to tell our clients,” says Hess, while explaining the challenges that come with replacing 450 pieces of equipment, along with implementing a new technology.

Waste Harmonics is now planning to further sharpen the edge of their offering to its clients from industries such as retail, transportation, hotels, and logistics. “As an extension of our initial monitoring success, we have developed an independent fullness monitoring technology. We are going to leverage this tech to use on third-party owned or customer-owned equipment,” says Hess. He also adds that Waste Harmonics has been prototyping a small battery-operated dumpster monitor—a product that will be rolled out in 2019.

"We always strive to deliver better customer experience, and provide a truly customized approach, with state-of-the-art reporting, advanced waste management analytics, and guaranteed rapid-response service"

Leading the Modernization-Drive in Waste Management

Having carved a unique niche in the waste management space, Waste Harmonics is ready to deploy at least 15,000 IoT devices in the field. According to Hess, these devices will report back to the organization’s ERP platform on a daily basis, a technology that can be leveraged across various geographies and industries. “It is all surrounding our iWaste platform and the devices that have been developed. We have these devices in various stages of development and will be working on releasing them in the near future,” he mentions. The company will be rolling out a generation tool in the next 45 days and will be rolling it out for the marketplace in Q2 2019 and many other waste harmonization and reporting solutions by late Q3. “We are getting tremendous traction in the marketplace from prospective customers to leverage the technology,” informs Hess. The novel devices will be providing basic feedback to clients for managing their waste and will play a crucial role in delivering to the customer’s needs to reduce associated costs.

The company’s CEO has always been, as he says, ‘a customer service wonk’ and will continue to establish and grow on the same philosophy. “I love to help my clients, and this is the culture I have instilled at my organization. If a customer has a problem with a pickup, we will go beyond our capabilities to help them. We absolutely love this. If we can find the solution to someone’s biggest problem, that’s what is satisfying. Acknowledge, Respond, Follow Up— that’s what defines us,” concludes Hess.

- Justin Smith
    April 03, 2019