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Top 10 Logistics Analytics Solutions Companies - 2022

Data science and analytics have the potential to transform the logistics industry, which is often perceived to be better off with legacy systems. Data-driven logistics organizations know how to create value by applying the knowledge from analytics to improve efficiency and competition.

According to a report by alliedmarketresearch.com, the global supply chain analytics industry was valued at $4.53bn in 2019 and is expected to reach $16.82bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 17.9 percent during the period.

The unprecedented increase in demand for logistics analytics can be attributed to the rising volume of business data across sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and transportation, the increasing need for improving operational and supply chain efficiencies, and the growing adoption of big data technologies.

With advanced logistics analytics tools, businesses can interactively derive insight from vast volumes of streaming data for real-time analytics on inventory optimization, route optimization, and transport analytics. By applying advanced transportation analytics, route planning and optimization, just-in-time delivery optimization, and condition-based equipment maintenance, logistics professionals can gain deeper, faster, actionable insights into operations, customers, and markets. Supply chain visibility technologies such as GPS transponders, RFID tags, truck telematics systems, and electronic logging devices enable logistics companies to track the location and status of packages all the way from the POS to the end customer.

This edition of Logistics Tech Outlook delivers a bird’s-eye view of the recent developments in the logistics analytics arena and insights into how companies are aligning with these trends and adopting new ways to shape the future of data integration.

We have curated thought leadership articles from industry experts, including Massimo Sapone SVP of Logistics and Distribution Planning North America at EssilorLuxottica, Piotr Sedziak VP of Transportation and Logistics at NRI Distribution, and the Orbico Group Supply Director at Orbico Group.

We also took a deep dive into the market trends to narrow down the list of companies delivering robust logistics analytics solutions. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, the enlisted solution providers, such as Reveel and ThroughPut, Inc., help transform businesses at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies.

We hope this edition of Logistics Tech Outlook’s Logistics Analytics solution providers helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by efficient technology.

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    Top Logistics Analytics Solutions Companies - 2022

  • ThroughPut’s AI-powered software allows vendors to run leaner, faster, smoother, and safer operations out of the box. The company’s software senses demand signals at a very local level and sends the signals back in time to purchase and produce only what is needed.


  • CargoSense


    CargoSense connects global supply chains with real-time visibility, helping its customers work efficiently with its customers. The company leverages logistics data to drive outcomes for your business with measurement, analysis, and automation on SENSETRA™

  • CTSI Global

    CTSI Global

    CTSI-Global is a global leader with a proven track record to handle every aspect of your freight operation, empowering you to focus on what matters most to move your business forward. CTSI-Global is dedicated to optimizing your logistics strategy while providing full visibility into the intricacies of your supply chain

  • FreightPlus


    Through a customized approach, and a data-first mindset toward long term partnerships, FreightPlus matches the complex, always evolving needs of today’s transportation environment. FreightPlus includes operators and technology experts at all touchpoints as well as innovative technology that is fully customized and integrated for each client

  • NLB Services

    NLB Services

    At NLB Services, the company helps global enterprises create scalable and connect digital supply networks to drive resilience, agility, and predictability across the value chain. The company leverages the transformative power of new-age technologies like AI, IoT, and RPA to enable

  • RateLinx


    RateLinx makes logistics improvements easier, empowering the optimization, cost-reductions, and streamlining of your supply chain with their industry-leading ecosystem of data quality-driven logistics solutions. The company's ShipLinx is an enterprise‑class, global, scalable, multimodal, modular Transportation Management System

  • S3 Group

    S3 Group

    S3 Group is a Premier Consulting firm providing strategic supply chain solutions and services to the Logistics/Supply Chain industry. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional operational, functional, and technical, supply chain solutions to its clients

  • ShipSights


    ShipSights develops industry-leading supply chain software and produces enterprise-level consulting solutions. The company offers comprehensive services to fit shippers of all sizes. Every step required to find and secure refunds back to your FedEx, DHL, and UPS shipping accounts is handled by ShipSights

  • Waste Harmonics

    Waste Harmonics

    Waste Harmonics provides efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable waste and recycling solutions for companies of all sizes and any number of locations. The company is on a mission to change the industry, bringing a personalized approach to waste management

  • Waterlabs AI

    Waterlabs AI

    Waterlabs AI is an end-to-end enterprise AI platform playing a central role in the logistics industry. AI plays an important role in saving time, reducing costs, and increasing productivity and accuracy with cognitive automation. AI affects warehouse operations such as collecting and analyzing information or inventory processing. As a result, AI can help increase efficiency and reap benefits